Sensor Products

We manufacture a broad range of sensors and electronics that can be used to manufacture sensor assemblies. These include electronics and sensing elements for a wide range of downhole sensors. Most of the components provided will interface directly to existing sensors and systems and can therefore be used to repair replace or substitute existing products.

RMS supplies electronics and sensors to allow our customers to build and maintain their own orientation or formation evaluation or drive modules using reliable field proven components.

Directional Sensor

The RMS D-Sensor provides high-quality surveys at temperatures up to 185˚C.


  • High-quality surveys based on 4 axis fluxgate magnetometers manufactured in-house and the incorporated industry-renowned JAE accelerometers
  • “Static Sensor” design that outputs raw magnetometer and accelerometer voltages (digitally via SPI)
  • TFC calibrated and standard bias, offset and misalignment factors are calculated in the calibration program and stored to the onboard EEPROM
  • Raw sensor voltages and calibration data read by the 3rd party processor which then applies the corrections and calculates the actual directional readings
  • Compatible with Tolteq, Geolink, GE SPI, Vector, Tensor, other systems on request


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