MWD/LWD Products

We manufacture a wide range of reliable MWD-LWD products that provide accurate, reliable electromechanical sensors and systems that can be used as modules to connect with legacy MWD/LWD tools or as a complete system.

RMS currently provides systems and interfaces compatible with Enteq, Geolink, Tensor, Tolteq, APS, Blue Star and any QBUS, 0-5V RS232, CAN BUS or RS485 compatible system.

MFPWR Resistivity®
Multiple Frequency Propagation Wave Resistivity

MFPWR Resistivity® is a spatially compensated, dual-frequency (2 MHz & 400 kHz), dual-spacing device designed for wireline-equivalent Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) services in all well types.

Applications include geosteering, correlation, casing point selection, logging while tripping & reservoir evaluation.

  • Operates in all mud types including oil-based and salt-saturated and provides real-time resistivity to surface via MP or EM transmission
  • Quad Transmitter/Dual Receiver arrangement provides 16 individual resistivity measurements which are combined to produce 8 compensated measurements
  • 3 curves transmitted in real time (user selectable)
  • 5 additional curves available from tool memory
  • Tools are powered by Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries (replaceable at the rig site) or by Turbine Generator

Pressure During Drilling

MWD Real-Time Bore & Annular Pressure Service

Adding the PDD sensor to the MWD system provides accurate bore and annular pressure data in real-time and in high-resolution memory. This supports many valuable applications to optimize drilling and minimize risks.


  • Real-time ECD monitoring
  • Swab/surge monitoring to optimize tripping speed
  • Hole cleaning / cuttings load monitoring
  • Pack-off detection
  • Underbalanced drilling control
  • Drill pipe washout detection
  • Early kick detection and control
  • Lost circulation detection
  • Mud motor performance monitoring and optimization
  • Mud rheology control



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