Governance & Ethics

Remote Measurement Systems Limited is fully committed to excellence in everything we do. Our ambition and objective is to facilitate effective, robust entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver sustainable long-term success of our company.

We strive to continually enhance our reputation and to conduct our business in a consistent and transparent way, building trust and integrity with our customers, suppliers and all our stakeholders. Our reputation for fairness, ethical integrity and performance delivery are our core values as we aspire to become the supplier of choice throughout the industry.

As we continue to develop our company, we are focused on maintaining our foundations that preserve our unique identity and understand those values that define us as a company recognizing that how we behave towards others and defining how we approach our work.

Business Ethics

Remote Measurement Systems Limited has zero tolerance for corruption of any kind, and we expect the same from our contractors and suppliers. It is one of our key values and is a requirement of doing business with the company. Ethics is more than just compliance with the laws and regulations in the countries in which we work, it involves how we conduct our operations and the behaviour of all our employees. We always expect and demand the highest level of integrity and professionalism from everyone in the company. We do this to earn the respect, trust and confidence of our customers, stakeholders and everyone affected by our operations.

By always doing the right thing, not the easy or most expedient thing, for our employees, our customers, our stakeholders, social responsibility and the environment we continue to enhance our status and reputation. Our Ethics and business Code of Conduct is given in detail on our employee handbook which everyone in the company is committed to comply with.

Management Systems & Business Principles

Our management system has been developed based on the following company principles. These elements are the foundation of the company and are explained in the management standards that are the foundation to the success of the company.


Disciplined adoption of unified systems and consistent processes to build efficiency and learning into everything the company do. This includes applying consistently the standards and policies developed for contract management, leadership and responsibility, equipment design and performance integrity, asset and inventory management, process assurance, management of change and regulatory compliance.


Adopting a culture of benchmarked quality to drive a competitive advantage. This includes actual product and service reliability performance, operational experience, customer satisfaction and problem resolution, audit performance, supply chain performance, employees experience and learning resulting in incident free operations. The management system incorporates these elements throughout company products, service and management standards, showing alignment to the overall organization while delivering on company customer expectations through flawless execution of company services and service related products.


Integrating quality into everything the company do with proven methodology and continual improvement. This includes effective controls for product design, assembly, product and service realization, risk management, incident management, supplier and subcontractor management, execution of services, product related equipment integrity, performance history and statistical process control.


An integral part of the management system is the continual delivery of service quality. Service delivery is not just the final product but the consistent delivery of all aspects of client interaction, from the initial contact, product descriptions, engineering support and specific product design, through to contract review, logistics, shipping and after sales support. Service delivery includes applying consistently the standards and policies developed for contract management, equipment design and performance integrity, developing service related quality plans to meet and exceed expectations and ensure regulatory compliance of our equipment.

Continuous Improvement

Integrated into the management system is continuous improvement aimed at the identification and correction of process gaps within the business functions. Based on risk assessment, product lines will develop a Service Delivery Strategy:

  • To provide a structured program focusing on continuous improvement in the most basic and critical aspects of Service Delivery
  • To improve the understanding and application of quality, health and safety, security and environmental best practices
  • To assist with the provision of core service delivery requirements preventing disruption due to injury, service failure or as a result of harm to the environment
  • To encourage and develop a culture of operational discipline throughout the workforce and management

Alignment to International Management System Standards

Our system has been developed not only to meet the company business requirements and legislative compliance, but critically to be aligned with the global Oil &Gas industry and our client requirements. The system meets the following international standards and includes a comprehensive cross reference against these international standards:

  • API Q1 Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
  • API Q2 Specification for Quality in the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries: Programs and Quality Management System Requirements
  • ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Management System Standard
  • ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System Standard
  • ISO 45001 International Occupational Health and Safety Standard

In March 2020 RMS was successfully audited by Fearnley Procter for certification to the APIQ1, APIQ2 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. The workscope for our certification is for the provision of "R&D, Engineering, Design, Manufacture, Assembly and test and provision of Rental Equipment and Services for Downhole Measurement Systems”.


QHSE Policy
Remote Measurement Systems Limited and Strata Measurement LLC (referred to as the “Company”) are fully committed to delivering the highest possible level of equipment and operational performance. This will be achieved through demonstrated leadership, ethical behaviour and adherence to company standards. The company will continually strive to conduct all operations in a manner that will protect people, the environment, stakeholders, communities we work in and the integrity of the company’s physical, and financial resources.

The Company:

  • places Quality, Health and Safety, Security and Environmental protection as core values and will never intentionally place employees, our processes, customers or the communities in which we live and work at risk of loss;
  • strives for continual improvement in Quality, Health and Safety, Security and protection of the Environment, taking into account responsible care, process, public, customer and employee inputs, technology and best business practices to exceed customer expectations;
  • will demonstrate personal commitment to the prevention of employee injury, ill health, and non-productive time while holding all our employees accountable for performance in their area(s) of responsibility;
  • communicates and consults with our employees, stakeholders and customers on Quality, Health and Safety, Security and protection of the Environment; *actively seeks ways to eliminate and/or minimize identified service-related product risks, workplace hazards, process inefficiencies, process variance, and the prevention of pollution associated with our products and services;
  • complies with our core values and all applicable laws, regulations, standards and other requirements that relate to the company;
  • sets, reviews and acts upon our Key Performance Indicators, objectives and targets;

The policy shall be made available to our employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties and communicated to all persons working under our control with the intent that they are made aware of their individual obligations.


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